BRAND THAT UNITES – Street. Sport. Art. Style.

I had an honor and a privilege to be pick as one of few New York City Social Media Influencer for Express Men October #BRANDTHATUNITED Campaign and their Ambassador. I was able to pick products and clothes from Express’ store in New York City. I dedicated my outfit and all of the ideas to create something that will stand out and also have a message behind it.

My outfit consists of Express Yellow Graphic Tee, with a Quilted Black Vest with a Hood, with a Heavy Weight BTU Long Sleeve Tee tight around my waist, and EXP Men Jogger Pants.


This is a perfect fit for anyone interested in street style wear but also for someone who wants to rock the fall outwear.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to comment below.



Published by

Konrad Sliwiak

I am a fashion blogger from NJ & NY. Totally in love with new trends and of course street fashion. It is just my thing.

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